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Accounting Expert Advice

The accountants of PCO Bookkeepers are provide accounting expert advice for Pest Control Industry Business Owners. Making informed financial decisions is the key to running a successful pest control business. It is crucial for any business to be agile and adapt to meet their customer’s needs. Without a sound financial footing, expert advice, and visibility into your numbers it is hard to make informed decisions. Our accounting expert advice section is not just a look into accounting practices, but how they relate to the pest control industry.

To grow your business, you need to go beyond standard accounting – which is where we come in. We work to give you insight into your business and keep you up to date with the financial news and expert accounting advice that affects your pest control business. Check out the blogs below, or head over to our “Accounting Expert Advice Video Section” for more information! 

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the  Pest Control Accounting Industry.

Develop Checklists to Cover All Your Bases

Checklists Are A PCO Business' Best Friend! Creating checklists is how you ensure that oversights and errors are eliminated. Systems need the proper controls in place in order to make them airtight and dependable.It’s not enough to just have a checkmark...

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Are Your PCO Customers Costing You Money?

Are your PCO customers costing you money or making you money? It takes money to make money. There are definitely costs associated with bringing in new customers. Those costs include advertising, sales efforts, promotional programs, and labor involved in initial client...

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Pest Control Business Labor Cost

Pest Control Business Labor Cost: Know Your TRUE Cost of Labor. How much does your labor REALLY cost? There may be some hidden costs that you do not factor into your cost of labor. For instance, there are costs associated with recruiting, training, benefits, vacation...

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Creating a Financial Budget for the Pest Control Operator

Baseball teams keep score by counting runs.  Football teams keep score by counting touchdowns.  When you have your own business, counting money is the way to keep score.  It is extremely important for you to know where you stand from a financial perspective. A...

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Office Procedures for the Pest Control Operator

Having been in the pest control business for many years, I've been able to observe some very successful and unsuccessful pest control companies. My experience started in a brand new pest control start up which eventually grew and was merged into a multi-branch, multi...

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Pest Control State of the Industry 2012

The Past Year in Pest Control from a CPA’s viewpoint The past few years have been dark times in the U.S. economy.  We’ve had a housing debacle, a banking nightmare, implosion of the auto industry and a constant exodus in manufacturing.  But America is still here and...

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PCO Bookkeeper’s Tax Tips: The 1099 Reporting Requirement

If you can't kill small business with a bad economy, let's kill them with unworkable paperwork requirements! Come on Congress are you kidding? In an effort to collect taxes on an estimated 300 billion dollars a year in tax under payment, and in the infinite wisdom of...

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Pest Control State of the Industry 2013

The Past Year in Pest Control from a CPA’s viewpoint For most of the new economic era where businesses have learned to do more with less the pest control industry has been a beacon of steady returns.  More specifically when the world was ending and the banking...

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Pricing Pest Control Services For Profit

What is the real cost of doing business? You need to understand this in order to price your services appropriately and not sell yourself cheap. You are providing a needed service and if communicated properly to your customer that way you will be able to command your...

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