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The accountants of PCO Bookkeepers give expert advice to Pest Control Industry Business Owners. Making informed financial decisions is the key to running a successful pest control business. It is crucial for any business to be agile and adapt to meet their customer’s needs. Without a sound financial footing and visibility into your numbers, it is hard to make informed decisions. Our accounting expert advice section is not just accounting practices, but how they relate to the pest control industry.

To grow your business, you need to go beyond standard accounting – which is where we come in. We work to provide insight into your business and keep you up to date with the financial news and expert accounting advice that affects your pest control business. Check out the blogs below, or head over to our “Accounting Expert Advice Video Section” for more information!

Congrats Brian Post!

The PCO Bookkeepers & Turf Books family are proud to announce that our Senior Account manager Brian Post has officially received his CPA License!

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Service Contract Tips

Sign Your Clients Up for Service Contracts.To build your business in this manner, you first have to convert your current clients to service programs. There is an art to this. Learn how to communicate the value of your program, sell the benefits, and sign them up!

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Pricing & Selling Pest Control Services

It is important when you are building wealth in your business that you increase revenues. Your company’s value is measured as your business’ annual revenue multiplied by a certain industry accepted multiple. Learn more about pricing services for profit!

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Incentivize Your Employees.

How do you motivate employees?The business owner’s motivation is easy to define. Increased business success and profitability equals more cash in the owner’s pocket! Yet, employee motivation… that’s a little more difficult to create. Develop a clearly defined incentive program that is fair and enticing.

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Managing Employee Schedules

Managing employee schedules properly can help you to decrease downtime and therefore save your business a considerable sum of money. Get the tips and advice for managing your staff!

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Focus on gross margins for profitability

How do you know if your PCO Business is profitable?Your gross margins tell you if you are pricing your pest services correctly as well as Performing break even analysis is fundamental to business success.

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A PCO’s Chart of Accounts

Are your finances ready for 2018? How well are you understanding your pest control firm’s chart of accounts (COA)? Everyone wants a large, profitable company that could fetch the maximum value for its owners should they want to cash in their chips. Growth and profit are components of the box score in business.

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2017 Trump Tax Reform

The most sweeping tax reform act since the 1986 overhaul put forth by President Reagan has been signed into law. No matter what side of the political spectrum you come down on there is a lot here to digest so here is a rundown of the most relevant provisions affecting our friends and clients in the Pest Control and Lawn Care business.

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