How to negotiate payment terms with pest control industry suppliers

 Having sufficient cash on hand is a key to success for pest control companies, especially during volatile or uncertain times. One way to keep money in the bank longer, says PCO Bookkeepers Managing Partner Brian Post, is to negotiate better terms from vendors and use those terms to extend the time it takes to pay invoices.

How to build a culture of financial discipline and transparency in pest management

The real issue is when an owner has built the company up and then hires a bookkeeper who may know how to use QuickBooks but doesn’t understand all of the reporting. So the owner thinks because QuickBooks is spitting out checks that everything is working, but their financial statements and their profit and loss is just a mess and they can’t really figure out how they’re doing. We see a lot of that. And then what’ll happen is they’ll take it to their CPA at the end of the year and he’ll have to make heads or tails of it. And usually that guy’s or gal’s view of accounting is to get a tax return done. A tax return is a small part of accounting.

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