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PCO Bookkeepers Lightning Round: CFO Value and Responsibilities

A CFO is a valuable resource for a pest control company. A CFO is an expert in the industry, handles all financial aspects of the business and looks at the big picture.

How are CFO’s valuable and what are a CFO’s responsibilities?

  • Safeguarding Value –Implementing Accounting Procedures
  • Creating Value – Developing customer payment policies
  • Enabling Value – Producing timely information
  • Preserving Value – Safeguarding assets and making sure debts are paid
  • Reporting Value – Ensure ownership gets accurate information and insight into critical areas of the business

How can a PCO Bookkeepers CFO help me?

Specific to the pest control industry with unlimited consulting calls that provide in-depth analysis of all key financial areas of the business such as gross margins, timely monthly management reports, and proven accounting policies and procedures.

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