Looking for ways to Motivate employees? Learn more tips for giving your pest control employees something to work for!How do you motivate employees? The business owner’s motivation is easy to define. Increased business success and profitability equals more cash in the owner’s pocket! Yet, employee motivation… that’s a little more difficult to create. Develop a clearly defined incentive program that is fair and enticing. It also doesn’t hurt to build a healthy level of competition amongst your employees.

You can offer your sales people and your technicians a commission for sales. But there are ways other than cash that can be used to incentivize and motivate your workforce. Try creating different incentive plans for everyone from CSRs to sales people to technicians. There are ways to encourage everyone in your business.

Build Team Spirit and Make it FUN!

Let the company work together towards a goal. If they achieve the goal, then they can win a pizza party or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. This can contribute to office morale and camaraderie.

Individual Contests are a Great Way to Create Healthy Competition.

There are some great ways to run contests and competitions in your office. Develop a point system in your office. When an employee captures a testimonial from a customer they get points. When an employee upsells a customer, that employee gets points. When a technician hits all their stops on time that technician gets points. When CSRs solve a customer’s problem, that employee gets a point. Keeping their truck clean, getting leads for sales people, wearing uniforms… You can assign a point value for every desirable behavior that you want to encourage. Then employees can accumulate points that can be used to order prizes from a catalog that you put together.

Here’s another twist to this contest involving a deck of cards. Instead of points, hand out a playing card for a job well done. At the end of the day, the person with the best poker hand gets the prize. It drives people to compete and creates a fun atmosphere around the office.

Other Ways to Motivate Employees…

Recognition is a method for pest control business owners to motivate employees! So, there are other things you can do that recognize achievement in your organization. Put up a sales leader board so that everyone can see how well others are doing. Distribute a regular newsletter highlighting compliments, big milestones, and accomplishments. Give out company awards for MVP, most improved, best department and so on.

So remember, there are many ways to motivate employees… and it’s not only about money, but also about recognizing accomplishments and generating pride.

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