Pest Control Industry Peer Groups!

Professional Network: Peer Groups for Pest Management Professionals! 

A Professional Network or Peer Group is an outstanding way for business owners to learn from each other in a closed forum where sharing is the “name of the game”. Because of industry we serve, and our expertise in Pest Management operational and financial matters, we are in a great position to facilitate these industry peer groups.

Our members are some of the most successful companies in the Pest Control Management Industry and moderated by an accounting CFO that works with hundreds of the most successful Pest management companies in the nation.

The Pest Management Professional Mastermind Peer Group is a forum for Pest Management business owners and/or managers actively involved in the top decision making. They discuss and offer guidance on topics relating to their company’s financial, marketing, operational, and strategic plans.

PMP Member Responsibility

Prior to each meeting all members will submit financial, operational and marketing information as well as questions and topics to be brought up at the group.

This information will be submitted via template and summarized by a member. Upon completion, each member will receive a PDF deck containing Key performance Indicators, and benchmark averages.

Our Pest Control Business Owner Confidentiality Agreement: Each member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that no sensitive information about any company or companies is discussed or shared with anyone outside the group.

PMP Peer Group Benefits

  • Increased accountability
  • Business owners with similar backgrounds to brainstorm with a strong support network
  • Access to professionals with complementary strengths
  • Improved delegation skills
  • Higher quality of living
  • Increased profitability
  • Business coaching input
  • Improved level of business expertise

Qualifications of Membership

Each member firm will:

  • Receive an invitation to participate
  • Have a desire and or track record that demonstrates rapid top and bottom line growth
  • No members will compete in the same markets as others
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Share financial and operational information with the membership
  • Commit to attend each meeting

“Pest Management Professional Peers Usually Develop Long Lasting Relationships”

Our meetings end with action plans, goodbyes, and strong friendships. We also find that our member owners gain a renewed excitement about being in the Pest Control business and usually find an immediate spike in growth and leadership skills.

Contact Us to find out more about joining a new or existing group! 

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