PCO Bookkeepers: Pest Control Industry Accounting & Bookkeeping Services 

Our expert bookkeepers and accountants cater to the Pest Control Industry Professionals. PCO Bookkeepers has more than 20 years of pest control industry experience and are well-versed in pest control industry financial management.

Our offered services range from Bookkeeping to expert CFO consulting. We work with hundred’s of the most successful and largest Pest Control Management Business owners throughout the United States.

starting a pest control business

Starting a Pest Control Business

Growing a pest control business

Growing A Pest Control Business

selling a pco business

Selling A Pest Control Business

PMP Networking Group

Pest Management Peer Groups


Bookkeeping / Accounting and Consulting Services for Pest Control Business Owners


Monthly Accounting / Bookkeeping & CFO Consulting

Our CFO consulting services include working directly with your in-house bookkeeper to organize, your pest control business books and records as well as project a long-term financial picture to give you the fiscal confidence you need to grow your Pest Control business. Learn more 

Tax Planning

With 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, we know how to prepare your taxes to minimize your tax burden. Let us take away the anxiety of taxes and the IRS. Learn more 

Monthly Accounts Payable Services

With PCO Bookkeepers Accounts Payable System, you’ll get a system that is easy to use and efficient. In fact, not only is it easier, but our bill paying system typically costs hundreds per month, not thousands. The process is easy, e-mail or upload your vendor invoices, Click to pay…That’s it! Learn More

Peer Groups

Are you interested in meeting the other PMP’s throughout the nation? Would you like to discuss the other strategies that pest management professionals have found most successful? Learn more

A clear view of your financial position is essential to running a successful business. PCO Bookkeepers provides you with information on profitable revenue, healthy accounts receivable, accounts payable on a monthly basis. We understand where these and other important key performance indicators need to be in order to repeat success and we provide this information on a monthly basis with our dashboard reports.
As your pest control company grows, it becomes more difficult to run profitably without strong procedures and protocols. Just as your technicians need service protocols when they provide a home service or work in a commercial facility, a pest management company owner or manager needs to have accurate reporting to assess the results of his or her operation. The financial reports you’ll receive from PCO Bookkeepers are powerful tools to help you manage your costs, employees, productivity, materials, taxes and profitability.

Being unhappy may sound a little counter-intuitive, but whether you are just starting out or you are running an established PCO business, being unhappy with your current situation is a great place to be. You may be wondering WHY? Well, THAT’S the moment when you are most likely to decide to change your situation; that begins with creating the road map to success – setting goals!

We work with PCOs all day and every day and have the experience and expertise to analyze your business and create solutions to improve your performance and efficiency. As your financial advisors and accountants, PCO Bookkeepers is here to help with answers.

I didn’t know what timely financial reports were until we started working with Dan and PCO Bookkeepers. Within 2 weeks of closing out the previous month we are on a webinar with them going over our numbers. This enables us to make sound business decisions based on the latest financials.

Bill Cowley

Cowley’s Termite and Pest Services

Book by Dan Gordon From Technician to CEO

Hope Isn't a Strategy- author unknown

Written by PCO Bookkeepers CEO, Daniel Gordon’s book “From Technician to CEO” discusses the most important keys to running a successful Lawn Care and Pest Control Business. In addition to providing his expertise, Dan is donating all of the profits received from the sale of this book to charity.
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