From Technician to CEO: The Evolution of a High-Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company

“From Technician to CEO: The Evolution of a High-Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company” by PCO Managing Member Dan Gordon is a fictional story about a multigenerational family-owned pest and lawn business as seen through the family members’ eyes. If you own or manage a pest or lawn care business, you’ll learn many of the strategies employed, key performance indicators used and the mindset needed to create a market-leading company.

It catalogs issues such as marketing, finance, operations, growth and passing the business to the next generation. You’ll join son, Peter, during his journey from a young man working in his dad’s business to gaining book smarts by studying a university business curriculum to experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing a successful business and becoming an industry leader.

“This is a great book, it exceeded my expectations. Anyone in the pest control industry, or anyone thinking of getting into the pest control industry must read and learn from the timely information on the pages of this book.”

– Amazon Reviewer

A note from Dan

Dan Gordon, CPA

While Peter’s journey is fictional, the examples and illustrations used in his story come from my experience working with hundreds of companies throughout the U.S. over the past several decades. Some are successful strategies; some are horrible. But all were conceived by entrepreneurs who were building their businesses.

My motivation for writing this book, published by Pest Management Professional, is the satisfaction I derive as an accountant and consultant in the industry I love, providing clients and friends with progressive business-building tools and seeing how they employ them to become successful industry leaders. All profits from the book are donated to The Valerie Fund.

“Fantastic summary of the most common issues small pest operators face. If you are truly looking to grow your business read this book asap. Daniel Gordon gives great perspective on what it takes to break free from the ‘one-man show’ model and grow a profitable business.”

– Amazon Reviewer