At PCO, our primary M&A offering is representing sellers to maximize the after-tax value of their businesses. To avoid conflicts of interest, we don’t represent buyers as a broker, but our deep industry knowledge and our expertise in finance, accounting and auditing positions us well to provide due diligence services for buyers.

Once you’ve identified a pest control company to acquire and have an offer accepted, we’ll work with you on a project basis. We’ve seen the financials and inner-workings of thousands of pest control companies. We know what a successful one looks like, and we know when there are red flags.

PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists’ Buy-Side Due Diligence Services

Our pre-transaction due diligence process reveals risks and opportunities so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed, renegotiate or retreat from the deal.

Our buy-side due diligence services include the following, summarized in a report cataloging our findings.

  • Assessing the target’s earnings and cash-flow quality
  • Analyzing the quality of assets and liabilities being acquired or assumed

  • Evaluating the quality of working capital and liquidity

  • Identifying internal control weaknesses of systems and personnel

Throughout the process we collaborate with you and your advisors to bring due diligence to an efficient close.