Do you have the tools and information you need to make big decisions in your pest control business? At PCO, our team of accountants is ready to help you plan your future and take the next step.

Our Analytical Services combine our ability to clearly communicate complex scenarios and our in-depth knowledge of pest industry CRMs and financial planning & analysis (FP&A) software. Together, these skills allow us to help pest management professionals like you unlock new potential in your business.

PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists’ Analytical Service Offerings

Go beyond PCO’s accounting, CFO & tax services with the following:

• Customer Pricing Analysis
• What-if Scenario Analysis
• Budget & Forecasting

Sample Breakeven Analysis

Why Work with PCO for Analytical Services

Customer Pricing Analysis

Increase your profitability by reviewing every recurring service your pest control company offers to determine if you’re hitting your target dollar per hour. Our Customer Pricing Analysis clients have seen a significant return on their investment with the initial analysis. After the initial analysis, we’ll review new customers quarterly to ensure new sales achieve your desired dollar per hour.

What-if Scenario Analysis

Uncover exactly how major business decisions can impact your financials before you implement them. Whether you are buying a truck, hiring an employee or making a large distribution to yourself to achieve a personal goal, our What-if Scenario Analysis demonstrates the financial impact to your business, helping to remove uncertainty from your decision-making process.

Budget & Forecasting

Creating a game plan prior to starting a new year is essential for any pest control business, big or small. With our Budget & Forecasting service, we’ll review your business from a current and historical perspective, and we’ll account for your future plans, such as doing new marketing campaigns, hiring new employees or launching a new service offering. Whatever changes you’re planning, we’ll build it out in the budget, creating accountability for you and your management team. Budget & Forecasting includes variance analysis, which compares your budget to actual numbers, unlocking another level of consulting our team can discuss with you.

Pricing for PCO’s Analytical Services is based on volume, depending on the service (customer count, employee count, etc.)

“One nugget of advice from the PCO team would more than pay for their services three times over.”

– Donnie Shelton, Owner,
Triangle Home Services

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