The traditional accounts payable method at a pest control company is expensive and time consuming. What if you could lower accounts payable costs and put those funds towards increasing revenue while reducing the demands on your staff?

That’s what happens when PCO handles your Accounts Payable Management. Our team’s experience combined with easy-to-use, cloud-based business payments technology deliver a streamlined payables process for pest control companies. The result? Lower costs and increased visibility from a management perspective, allowing you to gain control over your spending and better understand your cash flow.

What’s Included in PCO Insight® Monthly A/P Service Offerings

Our accounts payable offerings come in two levels: PCO Insight® A/P Service and PCO Insight® Plus A/P Service. Pricing is a fixed monthly fee based on the company size and bill volume.

What’s IncludedPCO Insight® A/P ServicePCO Insight® Plus A/P Service
BILL® Set up
Initial Synchronization of with Quickbooks
Establish procedures to effectively use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
Train a staff member to work with our staff using the Program
Receipt & Invoice Scans
Receive Vendor Bills 
Code Vendor Bills 
Secure Approval for Payment 
Schedule Electronic and Manual Payments 
Sync Transactions with QuickBooks 
Telephone Support 

Why Switch to PCO for Accounts Payable Management?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?
• You’d like to hire an accounts payable professional, but it’s too expensive.
• You know your A/P person’s time could be better spent elsewhere.
• You’re still doing your own A/P rather than spending your time growing your business.
• You still have to be in the office to manage your payables and cut checks.
• You know there’s a better way to handle A/P using technology, but you haven’t gotten around to setting it up.

If so, let our team take A/P off your plate. Gain visibility into your spending and pay bills quickly — risk free with PCO’s Accounts Payable Management service. There’s no contract to sign — cancel anytime.

“PCO’s proficiency in utilizing BILL® has not only simplified our A/P procedures but has also fostered confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our financial transactions. We highly recommend PCO to any organization seeking a streamlined and effective A/P solution.”

– Tricia Giordano, Director of Finance and Administration,
Nozzle Nolen Pest Solutions

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