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At PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists, we’ve built our pest control accounting and M&A firm by helping pest management professionals grow their businesses and exit successfully. We love our clients and we enjoy what we do.

The results — and our happy clients — speak for themselves.

PCO Accounting & Bookkeeping Reviews

  • Excel Termite & Pest Control has been a client of PCO Bookkeepers since 2014. We have really been impressed with their extended knowledge of pest control related accounting and their ability to provide insight and advice. (The team is) always quick to respond to any question we may have, and can always provide recommendations on how we can make our business more profitable and cost efficient. Monthly reports are very consistent, and they are always willing to get on the phone to talk through the numbers. I highly recommend them to anyone in the pest or lawn care industry!”

    Sam Hagopian, Excel Pest Services, River Edge, NJ

  • The PCO team are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have helped us take our business to the next level with their expertise. If you are a pest control business looking for bookkeeping, these are your guys. (They provide) communication, knowledge, service and customer service. Thank you, PCO!”

    Josh Petti, Petti Pest Control

  • Hiring PCO bookkeepers was one of the smartest things we’ve done as a pest control business. We’ve been with them for several years now, and I can’t imagine working without them. Bottom line is… their knowledge is top notch, service is excellent and the price is right.”

    Shawn White, Pisgah Pest Control

  • We have been running a family-owned pest control company for nearly 30 years. I feel that we are very good with the service we provide to our customers. Over the years our bookkeeping has been at best questionable. As we grew our company our “numbers” became harder and harder to control. We had a great accountant that would do our taxes for us but he just worked off the numbers we gave him. We decided we needed to do better. That’s what led us to PCO Bookkeepers. We have never been so comfortable and happy with the accounting and bookkeeping side of the house. They know and understand our industry as well as they do their own. Working with these folks is unlike dealing with your local bookkeeper or accountant where they plug your business numbers into the correct columns. These people help you understand the numbers side of business. They will show you how to profit more from your business, what percentage of your gross receipts should be spent on the different parts of business. The reports they prepare are unbelievable, pertinent information that you can use to make better decisions, grow your business and make more money for yourself. Since we started working with PCO Bookkeepers we have become a much stronger company with much greater profits every year. We really couldn’t ask for anything more from this team. I strongly suggest PCO Bookkeepers to every pest control and landscaping company. I think you will be amazed at what they can do for you.”

    Galvin C. Murphy, Yankee Pest Control, Malden, MA

PCO M&A Reviews

  • (PCO) really made it easy. They were phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the relationship. Everything I was told was going to happen was the way it happened. There were no surprises.”

    Aaron & Donna Eubank, Titan Pest Control

  • You can’t replicate the experience of PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists. For something that was our lives’ work — we spent 22-plus years working on the business — to have somebody who’s done this over and over again is invaluable. There’s no way we could have done it without that kind of support. I felt like Dan and Steve were super experienced and totally trustworthy.”

    Jamie, Jeff & John Davenport, Official Pest Prevention

  • We believe so much in PCO. I don’t know why you wouldn’t use them. We had our own CFO and financial team, but PCO’s consultant took us to a higher level. (When we sold, PCO) was really critical in crunching numbers and helping us get the highest valuation we could. He spoke the same language as the Rollins acquisition team and was instrumental in translating the value of door-to-door.”

    Mike Romney & Bryant White, Fox Pest Control, Logan, Utah

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