When you become a PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists’ client, our first step is moving your business to our standard pest control industry chart of accounts, in line with some of the biggest and best-run companies in the market.

Next, we map out the revenue from your software. We have expertise in all the top pest control industry routing software programs, including:

We also change your system over to accrual-basis accounting, if you’re not doing it already. In the pest control industry, accrual-based accounting helps you make more accurate management decisions.

After that, we implement and execute monthly accounting controls, such as closing out your CRM software, bank and credit card reconciliations, sales tax filing, general ledger review and more.

Finally, we wrap up your monthly accounting process by completing timely financial reports and dashboards. As part of our unlimited consulting offering, we regularly review your numbers with you to ensure your business is running as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The Power of PCO’s Accounting + Tax Services

Because we’re so involved in our clients’ day-to-day financial functions, many pest control companies also choose us as their tax advisers. Our collaboration in your business as your bookkeepers and accountants allows us to stay on top of your potential tax liability, make projections and ultimately save you money on your taxes. Learn more about our Tax Process.

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