As the world becomes more technology-enabled and advanced, there always seem to be business owners who can figure out a way to use technology to lower costs and therefore cut pricing.

My inspiration for this column stems from speaking to a potential client in the pest control industry who needed low-cost CFO services.

He told me he works with a network of property managers, providing them with facility services around the country. By using technology, he said, he can receive requests for pest control services; assign each request to a subcontractor; and deliver pest control for less than $20 per service. Call me old-fashioned, but this business model seems to qualify him for a one-way ticket to bankruptcy court.

Read more to find out why.

Dan Gordon
Dan brings over 20 years of experience in accounting and managing high growth Pest Management Companies. As an owner, manager, chief financial officer and industry consultant, he has been involved with the development of several Pest Management Companies from inception to well over 100 employees and beyond. > View posts by Dan

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